FERRO (headquartered in Frankfurt am Main), an energetic enterprise based on a rich tradition of extraordinary experience and expertise, is a global producer, marketer, and distributor of gold and colours, functional and decorative coatings, and chemical additives for the ceramic, glass and related industries. Its customers are global manufacturers of porcelain, pottery, glassware, tiles, sanitary ware, porcelain enamel, and ceramic decals. FERRO supply a complete range of products from FERRO production plants in Europe, the Americas, and the Far East. FERRO's full range of products meets every need in the world of glass and ceramic colouring and decoration. Too diverse to list in full, they offer a selection, available worldwide, of:

  • Some 100 different frits and glazes

  • More than 1,000 different brilliant, intense-colour stains, decorating colours, and functional-coatings

  • High-quality gold and silver powder in various shades

  • An extensive selection of cover-coats and other media

  • Of great importance are FERRO's following divisions too:

    FERRO (Limoges , France ) : Manufacturer of a full range of decoration colors used to provide functional and decorative coatings to automotive glass, architectural glass, and glass containers.

    FERRO (Fiorano , Italy ) : Manufacturer of products for top-quality ceramic surface and body applications such as stains , frits, and glazes for wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary ware, art ceramics, and pottery.